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Make My Day!

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Have you ever gotten into one of slumps where you feel that nothing you do is right, everyone points out what’s wrong and you’re ready to just throw in the towel and call it quits?

Of course! We all have at one time or another, and there’s usually “something” that gets you over that moment of frustration and fuels you to keep trudging forward. Whether it’s that piece of broken equipment that you finally figure out how to fix or your favorite cow that you get bred after an embarrassing number of attempts at AI. We’ve all fell victim to the “why bother” attitude and question what we spend on time and talents on.

Last month, I was well on my way to a good pity party. Battling with tenants, show heifers that kept coming up open, creative roadblocks with the magazine...nothing was going the way it was supposed to. Then, I had my “something” when I opened up my pay stub from Ohio Holstein and there was a letter that one of the members had written and sent to the office in my name. It was a hand-written letter in the most beautiful cursive (I can’t tell you the last time I received a written letter in the mail). As I sat at the dining room table and read it, I was humbled that one of our members took time out of their busy day to tell me that she enjoyed reading the Ohio News and how the November cover of the cow and calf was so precious, that it “just made her day.”

I made her day. I read those words when I needed to read them the most, when I was discouraged, uninspired, and frankly just feeling salty about everything that was going wrong in life at the time. And then I realized, do I take the time to tell those around me that they’re doing a good job, send a thank-you, or just a few words of encouragement? Of course not! As we approach our State Convention and Annual Meeting, I want to thank District 3, especially the Steel and the Deetz families, for playing host and opening your farms up for us to visit and enjoy. I know how long it takes me just to clean my house for a family dinner, so I can imagine the number of hours that are being put into planning and organizing these activities for our Association.

By working on the Convention Sale Ad, I’ve gotten a sneak peak at the consignments that are being offered. Again, the amount of time it takes to seek out quality cattle, compile the sale catalog, line up a crew that is going to provide appropriate care and fitting, attract buyers and find volunteers to clerk the sale is extensive. As a buyer and as a cosigner, I appreciate the efforts of this group. They ensure that my cattle have an opportunity to bring top dollar, and that Donald comes home with impressive additions to our herd, instead of an empty trailer.

The list can go on and on. From Junior activities to attracting new members, planning shows or just the day-to-day operation of Ohio Holstein, our Association is fueled by the volunteer efforts of each one of you. None of us are doing what we do because we expect a thank-you. But it sure is nice to get a “job well-done” every now and then.

We are blessed to have an Association that is full of members who wish to be engaged in all aspects of OHA. We take great pride in our heritage and our herds, which fosters an organization that is prosperous in many ways. Just as it’s our responsibility to be active members, it is also our responsibility to encourage one another in our efforts with Ohio Holstein. You never know when and how your words will impact another.

Effie Miller, thank you for the lovely note. I truly enjoyed reading about your family and your dairy operation. It was an unexpected reminder to me that a few kind words can have a very powerful impact. You have inspired me to “make someone’s day,” and I am going to be much more intentional in doing just that!

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