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at New Horizon Farm

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New Horizon Farm and Dairy is a small second-generation family farm located in Southwest Ohio that also operates an on-farm dairy processing facility called Happy Cows Creamery. We pride ourselves in using only natural ingredients in all of our products, from our flavored milks to our personal care collection. Our milk, meat and dairy products come from a herd of cattle that are pasture-raised.


Bakery items are made fresh. Jams use local fruit as much as possible. And we partner with local producers that share our passion and commitment to quality local foods for items processed off the farm. Our family has spent over sixty years raising cattle and farming the land that we love and care for. We know exactly what the herd consumes before our customers purchase a cut of meat, bottle of milk or any other product from our farm.


We encourage visitors and enjoy sharing our farm and our knowledge with others when it comes to agriculture and the dairy industry. We hope you enjoy our products just as much as much as our family enjoys having the opportunity to provide them to customers and we appreciate your efforts to support local producers and small family farms!

Fresh Cow Milk
Child Feeding Calf
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