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Invest In Our Herd

In Ohio, it is illegal to sell raw milk directly to consumers. However, we do offer herd shares.  Under a herd share agreement, a person may buy an ownership interest in a herd of dairy animals; the animals are boarded at our farm; and the buyer pays a regular boarding fee in exchange for the farmer taking care of, tending to and providing feed to the herd, resulting in a share of the raw milk commensurate with the buyer's investment. If, after reading through the information below, you'd like to order a herd share, you can contact us to make arrangements.

How It Works

Herd Shares
Although direct-to-consumer raw milk sales are illegal in the state of Ohio, herd share boarding agreements that comport with Ohio contract law are legally recognized. Herd share boarding contracts are private agreements between individuals who collectively own the animals in a dairy herd and the farmer hired to manage that herd. When you purchase shares in a dairy herd and sign a boarding contract to pay for the care and management of your portion of the herd, you are entitled to receive a corresponding amount of the herd's milk production. Buying into a herd share should not be done casually and requires an ongoing commitment to the herd, the farmer hired to manage the herd and the other shareholders. Fo information about herd shares in Ohio, see:


Herd Share Investment
$50 one-time commitment for single share, plus monthly boarding fee 
$100 one-time commitment for two shares, plus monthly boarding fee
$150 one-time commitment for three shares, plus monthly boarding fee 
A share consists of a gallon of milk a week

Boarding Fees

Single Share: $25 monthly boarding fee = one gallon of milk a week

Two Shares: $45 monthly boarding fee = two gallons of milk a week

Three Shares: $65 monthly boarding fee = three gallons of milk a week


Bottling Fees

Plastic jugs are included in the monthly boarding fee

Download Herd Share Agreement Here

For more information about our herd shares, please contact us.  

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