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About Us


Over 60 years of family farming

When you visit Happy Cows Creamery at New Horizon, you will probably meet the whole family...the two-legged and the four-legged critters...since four generations of the family reside around the dairy.


New Horizon Farm is a second-generation operation under Donald Bickel. The dairy is comprised of a herd of registered Holstein and Ayrshire cattle (plus a few Jerseys sprinkled in), with a hay and grain operation that stretches over 300 acres.

In May 2020, New Horizon opened the doors to Happy Cows Creamery with a vision to produce quality, farm-fresh dairy products for the local community. The creamery processes milk on-site, specializing in bottling non-homogenized whole and flavored milk through low-heat pasteurization (which means the cream still rises to the top!).


Every aspect of the farm and creamery operation is handled by three generations of the Bickel Family. Donald oversees the general operation of the dairy and the farm alongside his father-Howard, and two brothers-Todd and Raymond. Jackie coordinates the marketing of the creamery and assists with the day-to-day needs of the farm. Carson feeds the baby calves. Maggie is responsible for balancing milk deliveries with her 4-H activities and school schedule. And Emma is a recent college graduate and professional livestock photographer, managing the farm’s social media presence and online advertising.

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