From flavored milk to flakes of hay, New Horizon Farm

has a variety of products and services to offer customers

Happy Cows Creamery

Visit our on-farm retail store to purchase whole and flavored milk, cheese curds, butter, freezer beef, honey, maple syrup and other locally grown and produced foods.

Registered Heifers and Breeding Bulls for Sale

Whether you are looking for your next show animal or just looking to diversify the pedigree of your herd, a select number of cattle are available for purchase throughout the year.

Pasture-Raised Beef

Fresh hamburger, roasts, steaks and other select cuts of meat can be purchased by the pound year-round from the creamery or custom-processed for your own freezer. 

Quality Hay

A variety of dry and high-moisture hay from first, second and third cuttings in square and round bales can be purchased from the barn or delivered to yours.